Monday, November 5, 2007

Who's Zooming Who?

Many multiple sources surrounding Team Ravenstahl have been telling people that they expect to triumph with 57, 58, or 59% of the vote.

There are many ways to take this. Our initial reaction was "Oh my goodness! If they are massaging those numbers to display confidence, their polling data must be telling them the race is a virtual dead heat, or worse!"

Then we thought, of course -- they are playing the Expectations Game! The high 50's is the absolute minimum they could get away with predicting, while continuing to appear "confident." That way, if Ravenstahl wins with 65% of the vote, it will still feel like a major victory (instead of the historically close call it would be).

Confusing. Irregardless, the Comet is going to go with the parameters we mapped out over month ago.

68% or higher = A Luke victory
66.66% = Prime meridian; a complete washout
64% or lower = A Luke embarrassment

As for DeSantis, he just wants to win. We now give him 4:1 odds, and the betting windows close at midnight. Don't be shut out! Wager now!!


  1. "As for DeSantis, he just wants to win. We give him 5:1 odds, and the betting windows close at midnight."

    When did Pittsburgh get a casino?

  2. We must already have a casino, after all we've counted on revenue from it in our "structually balanced budget" since last year.

  3. Pittsburgh has the rights to a lone slots parlor -- not a casino, FWIW.