Friday, January 4, 2008

C-P to Blogosphere: Look at Me!!

The City Paper endorses Mark DeSantis for Mayor. (C-P, Team Effort)

"Will Dowd get the prestigious finance-committee chair, as many think he might?" (C-P, Charlie Dietch)

Chris Potter to UPMC: We are on to you. (C-P, Chris Potter)

Kimberly Ellis has thoughts (C-P, Kimberly Ellis):

King criticized the continuing de facto economic segregation and inherent inequality, the extreme disparities in the educational system. He railed against poor housing and unemployment and underemployment. But today, there is no King to shield us from the callous attacks that insist that poor people have cultivated a "culture of poverty" and that, indeed, it is their very culture that keeps them poor.

Scholar Cornel West calls this era "the ice age" because "it is the age of indifference ... to peoples' suffering." This is how and why we hear people talking about giving poor people "handouts" while they enrich themselves on corporate welfare. And only this indifference can explain the extreme cruelty exhibited in the so-called recovery of New Orleans, and everywhere Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Bush struck the Gulf Coast.

By the way, we may have promised you something more in today's Pittsburgh Comet. We may have lied. Just familiarize yourself with the P-G article and with the Revelations post and you'll be alright.

The city/county offer was so weak, it may not really qualify as news.


  1. Well said, Mr. Potter.

  2. "I think it's a good document," said city Councilwoman Tonya Payne.
    P-G quoute.

    Well, it's been good to know you Tonya. You just lost your election in 2009. Maybe you and your dear friend Jim Motznik can open a consulting firm specializing in how best to commit political suicide.

    Way to represent Tonya. For what? Free cokes at the new arena? Maybe a free ipod from the Pen's too? Payne is now completely bought and paid for by Mayor Opie (Our Glorious Leader - See Admiral Turners posts) and the Penguin organiztion. Candidates are lining up to do what Tonya cannot do. Do what?

    For starters, represent the district's constituents effectively and build consensus.

    And, not be the lap dog for the monied intrests that line the Grant Street halls of Our Glorious leader's office who are about to cash in big time on the Hill.