Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meanwhile, in Iowa...

... folks are about to decide who gets to be POTUS.
UPDATE: And apparently it's Obama / Huckabee

Paul McKrell, formerly of PAYD*, has hooked up with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

CNN was seen to report that Clinton staffers are somewhat unique in that they are being called upon to shovel driveways, provide child support, and do all sorts of odd jobs for Iowa caucus-goers.

The Comet hopes to provide some audio and video "postcards" from McKrell as the campaign progresses.

Hillary Clinton is actually our second choice, at this moment, for President of the United States.

Now for some words from our first choice, the best possible choice:

Comet readers may also wish to review Biden's remarks following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
* The Pennsylvania Association of Young Democrats. PAYD oversees the elections and some operations of the Young Democrats of Allegheny County, (YDAC), which we have covered in the past. No word on Shawn Carter's army of 20 young African-American Democrats.


  1. Guess it sucks for you that Biden dropped out.

  2. Gosh, I'm getting all kinds of strange news on the internet this morning.

    Biden dropped out? Officially? Well, from his emails, it seems like he was hanging a lot on Iowa. I'll live.

    I'm not sold on this Obama cat, though. I guess I have to read his first book, because when push comes to shove that's why people say they're in love with him.

  3. obama's great, plus if he wins i get a work on snl!!