Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spontaneous SAVE SCHENLEY Event!

This evening. 8PM.

Schenley High School.

All Shook Up -- The Musical. (The final SHS performance of its senior school musical?)

"GREATEST SHOW you'll see this year, I promise" ... Mark Rauterkus.

Wear leather.


  1. Thanks for the pointer.

    We went to witness 'All Shook Up' last weekend. It was great.

    So, tonight, we headed down to CAPA to check out its high school musical. It also plays on Sunday at 2 pm, but that is in a direct conflict with the Pens game.

    Well, I don't want to be 'negative.' But we didn't stay for the 2nd act of the CAPA show. My youngest had fallen to sleep. My older son wanted to stay. God had too much of a role in the play for my wife's tastes. I was thinking about morning swim workout.

    I'm glad I didn't put Bram on the hook for refunds to the CAPA show like I did for the one at Schenley.

  2. If anyone comes asking me for a refund to the Schenley show, they got some 'splaining to do. So good. We Alllderdicians can act, but we never had "student choreographers", let alone 40-odd students of both genders who can dance.

  3. Oh eek! So glad you guys enjoyed the show1 As a Schenley cast member it's exciting to know that people truly enjoyed themselves (after all that's our key)! Thanks for coming!