Friday, May 2, 2008

URA Pro Calls it Quits

The engineer who oversaw the city's role in projects such as the Pittsburgh Technology Center, Summerset at Frick and South Side Works is retiring today, officials said. (Trib, Bonnie Pfister)

Oh my goodness. Those were the good ones!

Coyne of Bethel Park was not available for comment yesterday, [URA spokeswoman Megan] Stearman said. In a statement, Coyne said he was lucky to work in Pittsburgh with a "tremendous" staff.

We hope there was cake. We hope he photocopied a bunch of stuff.

Coyne's successor will be announced at the URA board's meeting on Thursday.

Any chance of simply shedding the position by attrition? Shift the pot of money (back) over to City Planning?


  1. Maybe he was "retiring" because he photocopied a buch of stuff. Or, because he was caught photocopying a bunch of stuff.

  2. Perhaps he has Matt H on his cell phone speed dial.

    Pittsburgh Technology Center is DOUBLE TIFed. Not once, but again, recently.

    That office park could be in suburban Fort Worth or Atlanta or Altoona. It isn't urban Pittsburgh nor friendly to the river front.

    Same to, mostly, for SS Works.