Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Selected Fallout

Mayor Ravenstahl, on WTAE:

If there was no wrongdoing found from the Ethics Commission, then obviously we'll take that into consideration and -- and move forward. But until I see what this is, you know, I don't want to make any statements toward what might happen.

What can we say? When push comes to shove, and when the subject is potential wrongdoing elsewhere in city government, Mayor Ravenstahl acts like a serious mayor. Nothing remotely to argue with here.

Now, Pat Ford's attorney on the Busman's Holiday:

We don't know what's happened in the four months that he's been gone, but I think that development in the city has been halted in a large way. And so, I'm sure that Pat's first order of business will be to get the wheels of development moving again.

For better or for worse, it seems like development has been roaring along at its usual pace.

The Stadium Authority just approved Continental's development deal, the Penguins arena is being built with some form of Hill CBA and a master plan in the offing, Downtown continues to surprise, Bakery Square has fallen off the troubleshooting radar, and we are about to boldly embark into the wide world of TRIDs. Somehow, we've managed.

The casino continues to be a stubborn issue ... but then Mr. Ford was of uncharacteristically little help there.

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