Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday: Dog Days

Wheatley Flips on North Shore Deal
Wheatley acknowledged that the Stadium Authority likely would get more money for Lot 6 on the open market, but he called the low price a "tradeoff" that ensures a high-quality entertainment development could be built quickly on what is a surface parking lot. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

The Steelers intend to build a 2,600 seat outdoor entertainment pavilion on the land. This is unlikely to affect the importance of the amphitheater Don Barden's casino group has promised to build on his end of the promenade.

Malta Temple Will Remain The Way It Is
The decision will protect the stately brick building on West North Avenue from demolition, but it also could prompt legal action from the Salvation Army, which has owned the former social club since the 1970s. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

§ 1101.03 (a) (1) a 7. Nomination of a religious structure shall only be made by the owner(s) of record of the religious structure.
§ 1101.02 DEFINITIONS. (h) RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE. Any or all of the following: church, cathedral, mosque, temple, rectory, convent, or similar structure used as place of religious worship.

The building was designed as a social club, but has been used for over 30 years as a place of worship and religious service. Offhand, it doesn't look like the Salvation Army a bad case.

Refi May Or May Not Occur, Be Worthwhile
City Controller Michael Lamb said Pittsburgh waited too long to refinance its debt this year and that acting earlier in the year likely would have meant more savings thanks to lower interest rates and less of a rush to act. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

Just to irritate everybody, we must juxtapose that directly with this:

If it is correct that these being the same bonds in 1998, what I saw in the Trib with some criticism that these bonds were not refunded earlier in the year may be a bit unfair in that I am not quite sure they could have been refunded earlier than they are going to be at this point. (Nullspace)

We are hearing some confirmation that these bonds are in fact the restrictive Tom Murphy internet auction bonds he discusses.

City Reveals What Steve Bland Meant By "Infill"
Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is sending legislation to city council today to apply for $300,000 in-state Transit Revitalization Investment District funds, to write redevelopment plans for transit hubs in three city areas: Beechview/Mount Washington, East Liberty and Homewood/North Point Breeze. (P-G, Team Effort)

For a must-read analysis of this seemingly laconic news, even by Angry Drunk standards, see LINK, especially if you happen to live in the affected corridors.

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  1. Today's trifecta:
    5:30 - Stadium Authority
    6:30 - Save Our Transit
    7:00 - UPMC South Side
    Being the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombings, I say nuke it all. We must destroy our transit [management] to save it.