Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On Garbage Cans

Dear Broadcast Media: Thank you for your recent interest in local politics! Your valiant efforts are worthy of recognition in the Jedi archives.

My own primary interest in the story is not so much what's written on the side of the receptacles, but the price tag attached to them. $1,000 per unit? Those things better actually amble around picking up trash for us, or at the very least be capable of door knocking.

"Patrickdowd ... is ... being ... unfortunate ... Doesnotcompute ... for ... Mayor ... I ... can ... has ... contribution?"

Nonetheless, as you are covering Candidate Dowd's little announcement tomorrow, you might want to ask him about the special meeting he called for February 2nd, at which only himself, council members Payne and Harris, and Controller Michael Lamb attended (no one from the Mayor's wing of the building, let alone the ICA was there). He had a few good zingers about how "Cooperation is the ICA's middle name", yet there has been no effort to further work out any agreement or game-plan regarding the $45.3 million that comprises the sexy / responsible / movingforward portion of the ICA's Mayor's 2009 budget. Even Lamb didn't seem to understand what might become of that money now that it has been "segregated" into an account that was first branded as "irrevocable", and now is being lauded for its "flexibility".

Or not. I'm sure he'll tell you what you should write about. It's just a suggestion.


  1. Bram,

    THE HUDDLER appreciates the move into the top tier and all. BUT seriously dude, the HUDDLER hears there are SUPPORT GROUPS and the such for those who are addicted to this whole "STAR WARS" thing?


  2. I got to admit, I was surprised to have worked two weak, unrelated Star Wars references into one post, but some days are just like that. Wednesdays, I think they call them.

    WHOA, and I just scrolled down to my last post ... I see what you mean ... Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

  3. Your grammar is weak.

  4. Little boys who have agendas are weak.

  5. Your posts are sometimes difficult to follow.

  6. Hey, why wasn't there a flap about all those wonks blowing off that money meeting? I would really like to see the phone/voicemail/email records. Did anyone who failed to attend rsvp? Calling in at the half doesn't count. If not, we really have no right laughing at Chicago politics.

  7. I heard in advance that Sciortino was gonna keep his distance. I'm suprised Kunka did -- but then again it was the Superbowl. This needs to be written up, but I've got to say I was encouraged by Tonya Payne's rhetoric. It sounded like she wanted to know what was going on, and to exercise oversight.