Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What That Guy Sounds (Or Sounded) Like

As I recall, the conversation got much more engaging as time wore on. You can pretty much skip directly ahead to 8:00, in fact.


  1. Sorry ... the conversation was held I think in about April of 2007.

  2. This is precisely why Dowd will not win the primary. Excellent debater about the issues. I enjoy listening to him articulate his point of view. He can vote with the best of them, but where's his authority? Perhaps he's great behind the scenes and doesn't care about the credit, but if that's the case, then where are the endorsements?

    Baby Huey will win touting his balanced budgets and his (by his accounting) initiatives which have helped our great city.

  3. When was this conversation?

    It was during an unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon during the 2007 primary season.

    Also, my wife's right: I DO look slightly less idiotic with short-cropped hair.