Sunday, March 22, 2009

Georgia Blotzer: Listening N'at Tour!!!

Democratic City Council candidate Georgia Blotzer is kicking off her Listening N'at Tour (official name: Listening Tour) this week with appearances at four locations across District 2.

Come meet Georgia, tell her your own ideas and concerns, and quiz her about her platform for how to move Pittsburgh forward (h/t CP).

80 Wabash St.
Pgh, PA 15220
Monday, March 23 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

1821 Broadhead Fording Rd.
Pgh, PA 15205
Tuesday, March 24 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

122 Virginia Ave.
Pgh, PA 15211
Thursday, March 26 10:30 AM -12:00 PM

720 Sherwood Ave.
Pgh, PA 15204
Friday, March 27 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

This Listening Tour is also intended to help establish the rhythm for one-day Councilwoman Blotzer's "Council on the Move" (on the Move!!) series -- a key part of the process of pulling the knowledge and resources of city government off of Grant Street and directly into neighborhoods, where people live, work and play.

Hopefully, ideally and ultimately, Georgia intends to cajole some City departmental staff [DPW, BBI, CP] to join her on some of those excursions, so that they can gain better first-hand understandings of constituent concerns -- and resolutions can be organized right on the spot.

NOTE: By publicizing these campaign stops, Georgia realizes she is leaving the door open for her opponents to stage little ambushes. It's a free country, but they'd better have eaten their Wheaties!


  1. I hope she wins. Smith is a moron and a hack.

  2. The opinions expressed in the comments do not reflect those of the candidate or the blog. Carry on.

  3. Sorry, screwed up the comment thread through self-editing. Unintentional.

    "Monk" chimed in -- said he'd met Theresa Smith, liked her. Said she "seemed unpretentious in her new surroundings". Said word on Grant Street is, "she's different." A.O.K., he said.

    Apologies, monk. As you were.

  4. Hey Bram, Navy jargon becomes you.

    As you where.

    Navy guy that I has propensity to spin yarns.

    Duty. Honor. Integrity.

    Within disputed territory, (Council District), a land exchange has taken place. Involves Union and Trailer Trash.

    Local 154, Boilermakers....and a trailer park called 'Alpark Terrace'...

    Trailer Park has been in existence for 51 years. Urban legend has it, The Parkway West, when built was redirected to preserve Trailer Park. If so, does Park have claim to Historical Preservation Status?

    Residents do not know who to contact as Politicians and Union work hand and hand.

    Local 154 backed Jack Wagner. Jack's brother Pete, 19th Ward Chairman backed Smith. Pete's daughter Chelsea’s staff guy is running against Coghill who works for Wayne Fontana.

    Wayne's brother Joe is the Mayor of Alpark Terrace.

    And if that isn't enough to blow your mind...toss in Motznick and Diven.

    The trash that lives in trailer park... pales in comparison to those that represent them.

    Who will represent the poor, the disadvantaged...the meek?

    What becomes of the Pittsburgh Community that is "Alpark Terrace", for over 50 years?

    Candidates please respond.


  5. Froze my beer, again!


  6. Historic designation for a trailer park? That better be one splendid example of a trailer park in its oeuvre. To the archives!

  7. Will show with appointment.

    You know how to contact me.

    Place is splendid, paradise for poor. Former owner will atest to it. Dad created sancutuary.

    Alpark Terrace
    Managing Partner
    1258 N. Euclid Avenue
    Ontario, CA 91762

    Fax 909-467-0297

    Address to Ms. Jane Mercer

    She has been talking history for some time now. Very proud of Founding Father.

    Follow this with link to "PAINT IT BLACK"...

    Not everday you can make a monk smile...

    How is creative writing course working out?


  8. Monk's writing style kind of reminds me of this guy.

    "Give me smallest finger on man's hand. I'll produce information. Computer unnecessary."

  9. That seems to be the cadence of the times.

  10. Dictionary, is optional as well.

    American fascination with worldliness should not be confused with articulation.