Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Band: The Rolling Stones

The Song: It's Only Rock 'n Roll


  1. Had opportunity to listen to Stones while partying in South Philly during 70’s. Tune you picked is conventional.

    Concert was at Old Veterans Stadium…I was hanging with Navy in Roosevelt Park on South Broad Street.

    70’ was. Hung out at a place called Sharky’s 5 blocks North.

    Known for tolerance of reefer and 7beers (draft) for a dollar.

    Used to love Juke Box…”Melancholy Man” by Moody Blues.

    Diego’s used to talk about Rocky and Mayor Rizzo.

    Across from Stadium, a bit North of Roosevelt Park, was a Cheese Streak Joint….a guy named Rendell, will remember!

    South Philly during that time was into new Stones…disco…Voodoo Lounge, (perhaps)…

    To stoned at time to remember... much Sharky’s and South Broad Street…

    I will tell you this I spent time in Navy Hospital in Philly…

    there is only one tune by Stones…


    One for the boys , Bram…


  2. Monk -

    There are better Stones songs, I'll grant you. Paint it Black could be the best, but 19th Nervous Breakdown and Mothers Little Helper are also fantastic. And you've got to love Gimme Shelter.

  3. Love the "Stones"....

    Don't know how to include link for 'Paint It Black" so I will paste...and anyone can copy and watch. (London)

    It might take effort....

    Gimme Shelter? lol


    PS: Nice site bram, tolerant.