Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Blotzer Rebellion: Fully Underway

The first leg of the Listening Tour is complete, and Georgia Blotzer's campaign is now kicking it into Phase II.

On Friday night the campaign is hosting a major fundraiser at the Chatham Village Clubhouse (you got a problem with that?) -- in addition to some brand new supporters reached during the tour, we are extremely gratified to have received affirmative RSVPs from some significant and impressive guest stars.

On Sunday, Georgia will host the official opening of her new campaign office in West End's business district. I checked out the joint; it is hard to miss, and it's no broom closet. Many gracious thanks to the well-wishers who arranged that situation.

Next, we have the frustrating issue of arranging some real debates! Blotzer reports that incumbent Theresa Smith is already woefully delinquent in responding in any way to a League of Women Voters invitation to a forum -- this after having ignored outright their invitation during the special election. For that first round, Blotzer was content to converse with then-candidate Brendan Schubert alone, but for this full-term primary she is of the position that it is only fair that Councilwoman Kail-Smith fulfill her obligation to the voters.

Smith did make it out to a couple candidate forums prior to the special election -- though only those hosted by certain friendly neighborhood groups which she (or Matt Hogue) can greatly influence. What Smith's hesitancy is involving the League of Women Voters we are not sure; we know that they excel at putting on good professional forums. Even our three mayoral candidates have already committed to one of those.

Time is wasting. The District 4 candidates, for example, have already met before the voting public. Looks like it's time to start penning some of those amusing open letters we all remember from the Lenny Bodack days.

Finally, although it did not appear officially on her Listening Tour, Blotzer decided to try some routine door knocking in Elliott. Turns out, rumors of that neighborhood's impenetrability to all but ACDC forces are greatly exaggerated. In addition to innumerable pledges of support given the short amount of time committed thus far, no less than three residents of Elliott decided to put up Blotzer Blue yard signs on our behalf, while two have volunteered to act as Neighborhood Chairs. Elliott is definitely on our list for Listening Tour Part Deux.


  1. Debate Rob Frank over and over.

    Debate the empty chair.

    And, debate what Smith has said.

    Furthermore, perhaps you should try to hook up a debate as a warm-up act to the mayor's debate. Get with the host and pitch a 25 min debate prior to the one with the mayor candidates. Or, hold the council debate after the mayor candidates talk.

  2. According to the Allegheny County elections page, Georgie got six votes in Elliott during the Special Election...

    If she finds the other 3 supporters, that means all six will have a yard sign.

  3. I expected this from Darlene Harris given her school board ousting by Dr. Dowd. It also was not a surprise to see Jim Motznik and Tonya Payne continue behave like mayoral marionettes.

    But now Theresa Smith has shown her true colors. She is a rubber stamper- a newer fresh faced version of Dan Deasy.

    She has to go. She voted against the taxpayers/PWSA customers in order to protect the mayor and other private interests from public scrutiny.

    For someone who is elected to represent the people, her vote today was a truly shameful act.

    BTW, where were Mr. Kraus and the Good Rev. Burgess on this one?

  4. TheTruth - Voting against performing an audit? Sigh.

    Better to keep taxpayers, ratepayers and everybody else in the dark I suppose than to allow an uppity mayoral challenger a fleeting moment of satisfaction. That would be politics. Salutations to Councilmen Shields and Peduto for not getting hung up; those two comprise a good argument for human cloning.

    In response to Harris's comments, it would sound wishywashy for Mr. Dowd to enunciate it but I'll state the obvious. It is the duty of a MAYOR with the help of his massive and supposedly expert financial staff to fashion a good plan. In Dowd's fourth month on Council, the Water Authority as usual came storming into Council chambers like always, all emergency, emergency, act now, act now. So Dowd voted to approve a technicality that was only tangentially related to allowing the Water Authority deal to go through. His fault for taking the Mayor at his word, I suppose.

    Anonymous 4:43 - Attaboy. Keep staring at that special election data.

  5. It is not the vote that is shameful. It's what is hidden below the surface and shielded from public view. In her defense, I'm sure Ms. Smith has no clue. She is just doing as she is told when she is told to do it.

  6. Kraus was absent, again. He missed the post-agenda on the TIF too.

  7. Maybe smith and frank will have someone there at BLOTZER fundraiser

  8. The purpose of city council is not to audit. Where is Michael Lamb? I blog about this:

  9. "On Sunday, Georgia will host the official opening of her new campaign office in West End's business district."

    Welcome to the neighborhood Georgia. It's about time you came off the Mount and got to some other area. It's a tough road to hoe because Smith is the incumbent and it well liked all across the district. Smith put up strong numbers everywhere but the 19th WARD. Blotzer is going to have to put up huge numbers where she was weaker than weak last time.

    I don't see how she can do it between now and then.

  10. "no less than three residents of Elliott decided to put up Blotzer Blue yard signs on our behalf, while two have volunteered to act as Neighborhood Chairs."

    That's great. Welcome to my neighborhood. 3 signs won't win it here. I will get Smith out and about here in the community even more now that I know your here.

  11. I'm glad you enjoy commenting on my blog, Matt. I wish I could return the favor, but lately I've been having trouble getting comments published on the Pittsburgh Hoagie in a timely manner if at all -- I've even noticed on occasion that more recent comments from others tend to pop up first. Must be a technical issue.

  12. Row to hoe, not road. If you were to hoe a road, you would get more potholes. I am sure that Bram would have some thoughts on what kind of patches to use in that case. Cold? Hot? Test sack?

  13. Bram,

    not sure what comments you have posted that aren't popping up in a timely manner. Your comments I hardly ever review and I automatically approve.

  14. Theresa Smith can't take care of herself much less the district.

    She needs to hit the treadmill

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Now kids, you know I don't like to host that kind of commentary.

    I'd rather focus on why she thinks taxpayers and ratepayers don't deserve to know what's in store for them, whether she thinks the bond deal was a good deal regardless of who's criticizing it, and how if in ANY WAY she has distinguished herself from Dan Deasy thus far.

  17. I swear after reading the blogs I would think Matt Hogue was the Mayor or a Councilman the way you people talk about him.

  18. After reading his own blog, Matt Hogue himself believes he is the mayor and a councilman at the same time.

  19. All the same, the blog "Matt H Exposed" is added to blogroll under More Great Blogs.

    The Trash Heap has spoken. Nyeaaahh...

  20. More Matt H obsession.

    Never saw some people more obsessed with someone than I did here on the blogs with Matt H.

    I smell a lot of jealousy around these blogs.

    And Bram...what have you ever done worthwhile in politics or community service? You are so easy to blast Theresa Smith but yet I don't know of anything you have accomplished in the community like Smith has.

  21. And just what has Smith done? It looks to me like she she's just lucky!

  22. Hey west ender how dare you talk about Theresa Smith. That's a personal attack and you don't even know her You probably have never done anything here and truly not even a westender

  23. So answer the question. What has smith done???

    And thanks for the tip on that new blog. Funny stuff.

  24. That new blog is weak. It's a disgrace. Just like this blog has started to become.

  25. A whole blog devoted to another blogger...only in Pittsburgh and only in the Zober-Ravenstahl-Matt H-McKrell obsessed blogs.

    I have never seen so much attention and hatred thrown at a small group of people like you jokes do on here.

    You are all so damn mad that your people arent running things at 414 Grant Street. You have no power and you dont know anyone.

  26. "That new blog is weak. It's a disgrace. Just like this blog has started to become."

    Well let's see. Bram had a kick ass Zapalla post today I don't think that's weak.

    Matthexposed detailed why it's a good idea not to post silly pictures of your candidate when you are campaign manager. I don't think that's weak either. In I rolled around on the floor.

    There was some funny comments about the same picture on ADB today as well. Is that a weak blog?

    Instead of unproductive comments Matt why don't you try and do a better job on the blog?

  27. up your nose with a rubber hose

  28. You are all jackasses setting yoursef up for a lawsuit

  29. Yes, perhaps you should sue us all for our opinion.

    Good luck with that. Let us know what your lawyer says.