Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comet Twittercast*

Has anyone else noticed P-Diddy seems actually to be enjoying the Twitter? We're getting about five hits from him per day now. Plus, he's using something called "TwitterBerry" -- I think it enabled him to tweet the above, for example, directly from the table.

1,000 doors in one day! Must be nice. Just be careful with that.
(Also, the blog could use some work.)

Yeah, she isn't going anywhere. I assume you have all seen this? And my commentary here? No doubt she is going to hold her own in the debates. We are trying to arrange something soon.

Our Lady refers to this. Also, she beat the stuffing out of Our Mayor in round one. Next up, Billy Mays, for the right to square off against either Mike Lange or the baby Jesus.

*-UPDATE: PittGirl (what?) wins, flawless victory, fatality. Going up against the voice of the Penguins on the radio.

Dang! Missed it! Oh well, more opportunities here, especially if you have a Mac with built-in video capacity.

That's pretty hysterical.

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