Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, 4/28: Briefs

Tony Norman for Carmen Robinson: LINK

Brian O'Neill against leasing the Parking Authority garages: LINK

The URA says it wants public input: LINK

Mayor Ravenstahl for deterrence by way of high-powered rifles: LINK

After standing accused of a history of corrupt activity by both of his opponents, Mayor Ravenstahl spends three minutes not defending his record, suggesting it should not be a topic of discussion -- and demanding that his opponents "talk about the issues!" (pay-to-play is an issue, jackass) while challenging them to "be specific!" about what they would do regarding City finances like he does in his 11-point plan: LINK

The Mayor's 11-point plan leads off with, "Solve our Legacy Costs Crisis," period, full-stop, end of discussion. Same story for "enhancing government services through efficiency": LINK

Dan Onorato is in favor of 4201-08: LINK. And, he is intent on conducting a gender & race pay disparity study of the sort that our city's administration has strenuously and creatively delayed for well over a year: LINK. And, has spent his appointment power giving the "other" (original) Hill District leadership group representation on the master plan steering committee: LINK. So, this week Dan Onorato put some numbers up on the Comet scoreboard in a big way.


  1. Nice use of the "jackass"

  2. When I have an AR-15 it's an "assault weapon". When the police get therm they are "patrol rifles" and the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    How did that happen? Get the guns off the street - but ordering 46 more?

  3. Excuse me, when did anyone do anything more than call for getting guns off the street?

  4. Guns will rust if you leave them on the street. If you must leave them on the street, be sure to oil them first.

  5. What do you think got under Onorato's skin? That's a whole of inches left he moved thinks me. Did he start hanging out with Dan Frankel or have a few beers with Peduto?

  6. What "got under Onorato's skin": the fact that he knows full well that he needs every vote possible to win the governor's race.

    Not buying what Dan's selling.