Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday: Another Day in Paradise!

As you know, state legislation foreshadowed last week by the Post-Gazette signalled that certain um -- fiscal matters -- are due for an um -- resolution -- probably this year at the latest.

As you also know, what would ordinarily be considered "oodles" of money is about to be delivered to Pittsburgh in the form of federal spendulus porkulus.

Therefore, it makes every bit of sense for the political world this week to be focused on a discussion of how Pittsburgh should Oversee the federal stimulus so we get the most bang for our buck. Councilman Peduto will introduce the legislation this week, and there will be wrangling and haggling and theater and spectacle.

Which will also be very nice for everybody, because who really wants to deal with the um -- other set of fiscal matters -- publicly before we absolutely must.

Now, on an almost unrelated note:

The Post-Gazette's editorial board applauds the new Act 47 plan, applauds the Mayor's efforts to pursue outside-the-box taxation options within the plan, and isn't exercised one iota about the consequences if the Mayor et al fails to deliver those outside-the-box taxing options: LINK.


Now, let's hear what some of those loony-tunes G20 protesters are going to be upset about:

"I think right now it stands for chaos and it stands for economic destruction," said Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers of America, the region's most prominent industrial union and a harsh critic of what he sees as a widening economic imbalance growing out of the global policies put forward by many of the G-20's leaders. (P-G, Roddey & Sherman)

Reservations for space in the Free Speech Zone may fill up quickly!


This city's aggressive demolitions policy is being opposed by some in Manchester. The City's Number Two Official is frustrated by the "piecemeal" approach that the residents seem intent upon foisting: P-G, Diana Nelson Jones.


It's official -- Joe Mistick is turning into one of those Luke-haters:

In the wake of a campaign for mayor of a major-league city, Ravenstahl could muster little more than a bush-league response. Squandering the chance to do what was in the best interest of Pittsburgh, Ravenstahl showed the fortitude of a middle-schooler and mouthed what might be wise advice from his mother under other circumstances. (Trib, Joseph Sabino Mistick)

I mean, one of THOSE Luke-haters:

And it begs the following suggestion: If this one government oversight agency has managed to keep the city afloat, perhaps the scrutiny of other government agencies could really put the city on the right path. This prospect has tantalized Grant Street wags for some time and could have future political implications. (ibid)

Boogity boogity.


In case anyone else missed what that Jane Orie / Furry story was all about that had popped up in our comments, here it is: LINK. Sen. Orie was "shocked and appalled."

The Kevin Acklin Experience will be kicking off this WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3rd at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts on the corner of Shady and Fifth Avenues, at 5:30 if you are a regular human or as early as 3:30 if you'd like to call yourself "media".


  1. Bram;
    What do you know about the parking there? Is the parking limited?

  2. Hmm I'm not sure -- I'll be in the neighborhood this evening so I'll check it out.

  3. If you have trouble parking, it's good news for Acklin. There's a small public lot behind the Center (enter from Shady). That can fill-up for a big event, but there's usually space. If you aren't opposed to a brief walk, you won't have any problems. Nearby (Beechwood and 5th) is Mellon Park, which has its own lot. And there's usually spots on Shady a couple of blocks south of fifth. Worst case, Beechwood always has a bunch of space and you can get to the center the backway through the park. If you have to go that far away, let me know because I'm looking for whether Harris or this guy is the better challenger.

  4. The best parking, besides the lot, is on Shady heading away from East Liberty.

  5. LEO GERARD kicks ass...Not that the HUDDLER is an impartial party.

  6. SUE commented, in the wrong box:

    With apologies to Diana, the Manchester story was very one sided. She failed to describe the reasons the community has not been successful in leveraging resources, the mammoth new construction launched by the very organization claiming we need to restore existing housing and the bullying tactics of Stanley Lowe to suppress any dissent from his vision.

    I attended this meeting. Manchester Citizens Corporation does not have a community mandate (or consensus) to move ahead. They completely ignore the thriving Manchester Historical Society as a potential ally. They blatantly refuse to work with nearby community groups. And they have no plan to finance the restoration of the 84 properties, especially given the massive outlay of money necessary to complete the Columbus Square (old General Electric site) contruction.

    Manchester needs new leadership to cultivate the community support necessary to develop a plan. I'm also sorry I signed my name to a sign in sheet that could wrongly suggest I support their plan.