Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rendell Budget Gambit Backfiring?

I'm not sure if there are any polls out there asking the question, "Do you approve of how the Governor is handling the current budget standoff?", but folks don't seem all that enamoured.

That includes the state's 67 counties, which depend on state funds to pay for a wide range of programs, such as reimbursements for county court costs, mental health/retardation programs, drug/alcohol treatment programs and services for the elderly, children and physically disabled.

The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, meeting in Somerset yesterday, warned that "a total collapse of the human service ... delivery system appears to be imminent," said Butler County Commissioner James Kennedy, who is association president. (P-G, Tom Barnes II)

What I must have missed is what exactly gets funded in Rendell's sought-after budget, with its extra $0.9 billion, that does not appear in the Republican budget that passed the Legislature.

Even though Mr. Rendell signed the budget, he openly criticized it for not providing enough money for basic and higher education, health care, child care, senior citizens' programs, autism programs and other services. (P-G, Tom Barnes I)

Right ... so ... he is fighting to save the very same things he is squeezing the life out of in the present moment with his line-item vetos. I don't think he's going to win the PR battle on this one. It's possible that old gray mare just ain't what she used to be.


  1. Couldn't we just raise the additional monies at the local level by reassessing real property in Allegheny County to make up the difference? It's not like the state has hampered our ability to increase local funding by way of property reassessments.

    Or, limit the availability of the state-funded URA ponies to senior citizen and headstart programs.

  2. "It's not like the state has hampered our ability to increase local funding by way of property reassessments."

    No, that's blocked (for a bit) because Onorato wants to buy my vote. To which I say "Sold."

  3. I have had the opportunity to meet both Onarato and Wagner either of which would represent this region well should they become Gov.

    Both have brothers who have jobs in government: that they would not otherwise have...if it was not for

    ...but a negative that could and perhaps should be overlooked in race for Gov.

    But their alligence to Rendell as democrats is kiss of death for either.

    I voted for Rendell and I am ashamed to have bought into the anti-republicanism that permeated the Commonwealth during his election.

    Dan and Jack, both good guys...would hoist a Bud Light W Lime with either of them...

    ...but, not with the company that they keep.

    I will be voting for Tom Corbett because of his positives.

  4. In response to email just in concerning above post....

    Primary choice would be Onarato...for reasons that will not matter.

  5. wagners brother was in government work long before he became an elected official.

  6. It seems, table games are the answer, who knew? Just need the daggone legislature to agree to this, and quick. Now how do you do that in a quickness? With hold funding for all of county courts, mental health, etc etc etc.

  7. Anon. 9:38

    Jack Wagner’s brother Pete, was employed by The City of Pittsburgh...first in the City Controllers Office and later in the Department of General Services.

    Petes brother Jack was President of City Council when he left the Controllers Office and became an Assistant Director under Sophie.

    Promotion of Pete was payment for Jack's vote to remove Elected Employee Representative Ray Wolfgang from the Municipal Employees Pension Funds Board of Directors...

    If we could only turn the clock back and address Ray Wolfgang’s concerns and Act 205...

    Ray was prophet, Pete a political hack...

  8. If table games come, then the license for them needs to expire. The slots license now granted goes FOREVER. Go figure.

    And, if table games come, then the fee for the license should be at least triple what was paid for slots -- and -- for a limited number of years (decade or two tops).

  9. It's nice to see Matt really caring about the community by encouraging them to gamble all their money away. What a scum bag.

  10. Anon at 9:42. I would have agreed with you a year ago. However, the slots are paying out 90%. This is better than my 401k.

  11. I Mention Pension: Submitted to "Letters To The Editor" P-G.


    As a former Elected Representative on the City of Pittsburgh's Municipal Employees Pension Funds Board of Directors (1996-1999)... I said whoa!

    When, I read Rich Lord's Article Titled "Ravenstahl seeks exemption for the city's pension fund"... it was if I heard Yogi Berra say, "It's Dejvu all over again".

    There is history of which I am part of, as is Council's Budget Director Bill Ubanic and Scott Kunka from the Mayors Office.

    These guys have been all over the insinuate, as some have in Harrisburg...that the Mayor is late in voicing his concerns, is without foundation. Mr. Zober from the Mayor's Office correctly states as much.

    ...Pittsburgh's budgetary process will proceed unimpeded and on time.

    Can Harrisburg claim same? Maybe they need Federal Oversight from The Federal Justice Department.

    The pension concerns recently (and timely) raised by Pittsburgh Officials have existed since Act 205, The Municipal Employees Recovery Act, was first conceived in Harrisburg...during 80's.

    Pennsylvania Act 205 did not address pension problems in the 80's....why should we believe Fast Eddie's (Rendell's) Plan will solve problem....?

    I think it is time to convene Pension Summit....bring past Board Members to table, craft a solution out of experience gained... since Act 205's passage.

    We should not be fooled again...


    The Mayor was/is on top of should be extended where credit is due...

    The treatment of Luke and Pension Issues is just another reason I'm voting for Corbett.

    Nobody screws the little guy like a Democrat...Local 154 trashed Alpark Terrace....they live on SS and no pension...

    ...They weren't worthy!

    Table games are answer! MH.

  12. Table games are the answer if you can count cards and the house doesn't use a continuous shoe.

  13. Hey MH....

    I couldn't agree more!

    If I go gambling, I want you in my corner..

    Only bet on dogs if you are into human involvement.

    Have metals that I can cash in...stock market will see down swing in short term, investers selling now.

    Metal prices will dip as a result.

    Playing waiting 'game', see you in December at earliest...

    Hang on to those beer cans until then...copper prices will lead followed by aluminum!

    Would rather play table games with people as opposed to computer...