Sunday, August 9, 2009

Three Items Before Sunday Talksies

1. The P-G's Jill Daly ties some strands from Collier together about as well as anybody can. Left a mystery of course is how many of the 40 or so women have health insurance, and have insurance of the kind that will cover a stream of outpatient mental health visits.

2. Coro Pittsburgh is hosting something called an innovation fair on Friday. Huh.

3. Mr. Legato is a slots expert -- recognized as an expert in his field -- and he's going to tell us all how it is with slots gambling. (P-G, Mark Belko) Basically, you will lose money -- but not a lot most likely, it's fine, and there's nothing you need to learn, so just have a good time and you never know. The Rivers Casino vice-president of gaming agrees with him, so that's pretty much the end of the story.

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