Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dan Onorato comes through for Giant Eagle

Time to explore this "Settlers Ridge" zone in Robinson Township:

A pyramid of pomegranates. Revolving doors wide enough to drive a forklift through, let alone push a grocery cart. And a hydroponic garden where lettuce and herbs are grown on the sales floor.

Not to mention 250 brands of beer sold by the six pack. (PBT, Tim Schooley)

Kind of makes the Shadyside location sound like a Get-Go.

“It makes it a regional location rather than one that just serves its own locality,” he said, praising Allegheny County executive Dan Onorato for helping to make the exit ramp possible. (ibid)

Dag, I assume that was grant money!


  1. Wow, sounds very nice, wish we could one grocery store with any door in Brookline.

  2. Welcome to the 21st Century.

    Please buy a car.

  3. Yea, how about something for Brookline? Talk about a neighborhood in need of a grocery store.

  4. Actually, Anon 4:15, development trends all across the country are moving in the exact opposite direction. If this was still the latter half of the 20th century, you might have a point, but since then we've come to realize that our car-dependent lifestyles not only kill the planet and force us to mortgage our entire country for Middle Eastern oil, they literally make us fat and lazy. Not to mention they also kill communities.

  5. Actually, Adam, perhaps the trends are slightly misleading due to the whole recession thing that is going on. Let's be honest though, consumerism is not dead, it's dormant. When the gears of the middle class are lubed with money, that personal savings rate trend you've been seeing will dip back down into the negatives and we will be awash in new things once again.

    There is, however, one caveat where I might agree: People will begin trading in their cars and surburban homes to move back in town to take advantage of the splendid public transportation system (including, but limited to, the Tunnel to Nowhere)...wait, wait, strike that. That won't happen.

    (Aside: Nice vid of Alan Grayson on the blog.)

  6. Anon 4;15 I am sorry I did not recognize that food was a luxury, so much so , that unless one owns a car, they should not have access to it.

  7. From East Hills to East Liberty not one neighborhood has a grocery store. Is there a direct bus that goes to the new Market District upper-class store.

  8. Actually, East Liberty has more grocery stores than most suburban communities.

    Technically, the "Shady Side" Market District is located in an area that is historically East Liberty. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are well within even the present day geography of East Liberty. There is better food shopping in the the East End of Pittsburgh than in any affluent suburb or in any other section of Pittsburgh.