Tuesday, November 3, 2009



  1. 45% do not approve

  2. Looks like Panella took care of business ... and Micahlow is 9.5 points down to Drozd with only 10% still unreported.

  3. Knock Knock.

    Who's There?


    Acklin who?

    Acklin knock on all the doors I want and all it'll do is spoil a winnable race for Dok Harris.


  4. Oh shoot y'all, lookin at the wrong numbers for Panella all night. He's down by about 2% with 70% reporting.

  5. Panella is going to lose I believe.

    Allegheny County did not put up a big number for him.

  6. Vomit all over the world. Four more years of Luke.

  7. Ugh. Seriously. Acklin could only manage to come in 2nd in 4 wards? And even in those two wards he couldn't prevent a Luke majority? I really, really want an apology from the Acklin supporters. Really.

  8. h/t to Acklin (and Dowd in the primary)

  9. Well it looks like Joan Orie Melvin is the winner: 53 to 47 with 98.75 reporting. I say this means two things:

    1) Redistricting could favor R's which is significant enough and

    2) Um, so an R beat a D head to head statewide? Here I thought PA was trending blue... if the Dems had not pulled out a victory in NY-23 it'd be an occasion for real soul-searching.

  10. Anonymous said...
    Vomit all over the world. Four more years of Luke.

    Don't you mean 50 yrs unless he runs for Governor. They never get voted out of the Mayors Office.

  11. Blogger Tacitus said...


    Four more inevitable years?

    October 29, 2009 5:41 PM


    Like I said, four more inevitable years.

    With a 23.nothing% voter turnout, what do you expect? I am appalled at that number; it's gross. No wonder that Bram is burying his blog under some rock in a far away galaxy.

  12. Obviously knocking the non-voters, has not shamed them into voting. I am thinking Pizza and beer at the polls might get people out to vote. For the under 21 crowd, our schools need to create the fire to vote as soon as you are legally allowed to do so.

  13. Despite his father being one of the most famous Pittsburghers of all time (see the statue at the airport, next to the one of George Washington) in a city that treats his father's former business as a religion, all Dok could manage was 25%? Meanwhile, Acklin starts from zip and gets 20%? Somebody worked his ass off, and it wasn't the guy from Sewickley who hid out at a mountain resort during the G-20.

  14. What would it take to remove the straight party vote option from the ballots? Is it a state mandated option?

  15. Anon 9:16

    Yay! Your candidate gets a gold star for effort. Meanwhile, if an anti-Luke movement had been allowed to coalsece behind the eventual (and inevitable) second place finisher, perhaps he comes close to doubling that 25%? I'm taking the gold star away.

  16. Thank you Anonymous 9:16. I followed this race for months and I never saw Dok without one or both of his parents. All of the Moms spent time at Colfax's quadruple poll. Only one had a real grown up son running in this race.

  17. 1. DH and KA split the ABL vote
    2. Organized Labor supported LR
    3. LR received the straight party vote on both sides
    4. Pathetic/apathentic voter turnout

  18. Acklin is his own man; he doesn't have anyone else pulling his strings.

  19. I'm sick of hearing the Acklin and Harris people shooting arrows at each other here. The truth is that they BOTH stood up and did what the countless "Anonymous" posters (myself included) on these blog sites would never have the courage to do. That is, to put their name on the ballot and fight toe-to-toe against Luke and the machine. As for the griping about one dropping out,the results show that they appealed to different constituences (Harris did better than Acklin would've in the African American districts and Acklin did better than Harris would've in the South Hills), so it wouldn't even have likely added up to 45% they collectively earned. Get over it. Both of these candidates deserve a hell of a lot of credit. They did, it the real world, what most of you can only sit back, hiding behind your computer screens in a virtual world, and type about doing.

  20. Dear Anon 9:16. Thank you for addressing the second part of my post, but you ignored the first part. So how do you account for Dok's poor showing, despite his regal lineage, superior intellect and dynamite personality?

    (I've spoken with Dok a number of times by the way and like him, but I think Kevin would make a better mayor. Have you ever met Kevin?)

  21. It would be nice to have some actual data on this, but I don't know if there was a lot of cross-over appeal for Acklin/Harris voters. I don't think Acklin would have done well in African American neighborhoods, and many Acklin voters probably would have just stayed home if it had been a two man Ravenstahl/Harris election. I don't think they saw Harris as a substanative candidate. So neither would have pulled 45% in a two person election.

    Wednesday morning quarterbacking...

  22. Not a popular way to parse election results as it applies to Mayors race, but...The Truth is correct 45% voted against incumbant.

    The Mayor recieved more votes than all of those that ran against him 'combined'.

    If race was against losers (?)...Dok would have gotten my support.

    Purple carrots and urban gardening mean something to me...

    Not much of a reason to support Dok...but a reason, positive in Nature, nonetheless.

    Question I would ask Dok...can I join you, get dirt under fingernails (together) in the next 4 years? A question all disgruntled need to ask one-self.

    Looking for job, worked on farm and have 2 years experience studying Horticulture...

    Or, was it cute news op...purple carrots and all...


  23. Lest yinz think I am joshing you!

    Ran as Idependent against Diven for District 4 Council seat...I feel Dok's pain.

    Tuff row to hoe...

    Put forth the proposition:

    Looking at it as I type...

    'A Community Preventive Maintanance Program'

    ...and get this,It was titled:

    'A Pragmatic Approach To Urban Gardening'

    Late 90's...


  24. Dok,

    Darlene Harris is vulnerable on Northside...

    Stinky Union Money...

    ...Local 154 Boilermakers money...

    Same folks that manipulated removal of Alpark Terrace Residents (The City's Oldest Mobile Home Community)

    Stannizo brothers involved.(Union)

    (Rich sat on government oversight board, appointed by Mayor Murphy. His brother runs company that uses Union dollars to displace poor...Obama Stimulas Money)

    Signature affixed to variance request as it applies to ZBA case #109-09...STANNIZO.


    Time to work and get fingernails dirty.

    Ms. Marple (Darlene Harris) of Council is fraud...

    Dok, if you want to change things, you will need to get dirty...

    Darlene Harris isn't your mom, is she?

    No excusses, than/


  25. Need Book?




  26. If anyone's still reading this: Yes, I feel kind of dumb for thanking the Mayor for showing up to his own event. He caught me kind off-guard is all, as I was fiddling with my new FlipCam trying to figure out how it works.