Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Day Prevailing Wages Rally

Reproduced in its entirety from the Facebook invite:

Time: 2:30pm - 3:15pm

Location: Mellon Park, Penn Ave at East Liberty Blvd across from Bakery Square

PIIN will hold a rally to announce our opposition to the Mayor’s actions against the taxpayers and working people of Pittsburgh. The hotel complex in the former Nabisco plant got $13 million in tax subsidies and wants to pay hotel workers minimum wages.

We call on City Council to immediately pass the original Prevailing Wage bill again and override the Mayor if he attempts to veto it again.

The Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network won a major victory in 2009!

PIIN, and our partners in Pittsburgh UNITED, passed a “prevailing wage” law in Pittsburgh December 21st. By a unanimous vote City Council established that future service jobs created with tax subsidies would pay family sustaining wages and benefits for hotel, grocery, building and food service work.

Then on New Year’s Eve, with no warning, Mayor Ravenstahl vetoed the law! He did so when it was too late for Council to override him!

Join us on Martin Luther King Day to tell the Mayor we won’t stand for his treating working people this way. Dr. King died fighting for workers to have decent wages and benefits, jobs that support families. Let us honor his legacy by fighting for good jobs in Pittsburgh.

AW, HECK: This might also be a good time to mention that at this point I see no harm in debating Councilman Dowd's 47 amendments to the original bill, the Mayor's own prevailing wage bill, and having yet another full-throated debate on the aims and merits of prevailing wage legislation of city subsidized development. So long as that does not develop into an evident and cynical stalling ploy. After all, this is not literally a time-sensitively urgent matter, such as say Penguins playoff banners.

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