Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Why not get it from 2 Political Junkies.

From @Kenzie54: "#haiti #bresma i see a nurse holding a baby inside the bus".


  1. Back in 1978 I had the pleasure of visiting Port Au Prince Haiti while serving onboard the US Navy’s Guided Missile Destroyer USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG5. I can honestly say that the islands hospitality was unsurpassed by any Nation previously visited.

    There were many problems even 30 years ago, and from what I’ve seen never improved upon. I guess I ask why it is so…

    In 1978 the average annual per capita income was 70 dollars US. Haiti was then the poorest Nation in the Western Hemisphere. Prostitution was legal, all cared cards showing that they were checked out by Government authorized physicians (Obamacare?). And yet Haiti was one of the first countries in this part of the world to be plagued by AIDS.

    Sewage ran in trenches, infrastructure was in shambles and there was no need to have a doctors prescription to purchase narcotics.

    Prior to liberty we were advised to travel in groups of no less than 4. Additionally, we were forced to hire armed guides and a driver. We did this.

    I saw people dying in the street.

    I ate at a 5 star restaurants and when the masses crowded around front windows, drapes were drawn. I visited a rum factory were samples of the most exquisite liquor was served by men in bleached white Nehru Jackets.

    I spent $200.00 in 24 hours, more than 3 times the average per capita income…

    Did walk by of Palace with armed escort while Palace Guards glanced at us menacingly. And, I thought you bastard…

    The Palace is in ruins and the real hope of Haiti has long since been buried: Toussaint Louverture.

    What now?


  2. God bless those beautiful young ladies.

  3. Here's the official story.


    Sorry MBB, and kudos to Gov. Rendell. Looks like he'll get another government job after he leaves office. Will the local radio blowhards and Trib editorial page will give him his due?

  4. Are you being funny Monk (it's always hard to tell) or do you really think that health care reform will lead to legalized prostitution?

  5. I Heart Ed - I don't know what you mean by the "official" story, but I've got no problem with that coverage, especially seeing as how the NYT stepped in later or you could say afterword. I'm obviously partial to this piece in the Trib, which I from everything I've seen is fully accurate, only properly emphasized, and had to have resulted from a little digging. I'm sure some people will say, "Well, it's the Tribune-Review, so blagh", but for my money though I've never heard anyone call Mike Wereschagin's reporting into question.

    I woke up to learn there was yet another earthquake in Haiti. Has anyone learned of yet more Pittsburghers in peril? How about Haitians? Because we'll up and do this again, and least if Ginny's on board.

  6. eHarmony:

    Nothing funny in post...Prostitutes exist, deserve Obamacare...

    Should be drug tested and HIV negative...just like City of Pittsburgh Firemen and Police. (Wait a minute...wife beating has less protection than assault on contractually employed sex therapist.)

    Licensed...taxed on income. What is more honest than consenting adults paying for sex. Far more honest than marriage license wherein men pay for everything, absent sex.

    Prefer business proposition where costs are quantified.

    Medical pot, legal love...

    And, more government!


  7. How far should Obamacare go?

    Like child predators, do we require HIV positive to register with government?


  8. Monk, I gave you three out of five. Because those three were at least somewhat interesting. Let's just call it a day.

    Infinonymous, I hope you enjoy hosting him.