Thursday, June 3, 2010

For the President: An Onslaught of Crabby

PG+ appears to be free right this second. Go and read Dennis Roddy's journal entry entitled A Barrage of Nothing, inspired by President Obama's speech in Pittsburgh yesterday.

Now in my own view, Roddy expects a little much from our Presidents. I hope passionately for Presidents to not actively make very costly blunders, to refuse to sell out important government services and protections, and to try their earnest, intelligent, educated and creative best to massage and tinker around the edges of managing an impossible economy, culture and world as best they can.

However when Roddy concludes:

His speeches remain eloquent, but meaningless; so many empty box cars rolling past an audience waiting only for a chance to cross the tracks and resume such lives as fate has given them because the fates are all they have. Intervention, clearly, is not the forte of the man who has come to save them. (PG+)

I think two things: 1) It is a good thing for the administration that Dennis Roddy and PG+ live ordinarily behind a pay wall, where nobody will pass them about, where search engines do not tread and where nothing can ever go viral and 2) Obama needs to plug that hole, daddy, and within the month. That is if he desires to retain even the pretense of remaining Obama.


  1. Bram: Since early May, PG+ has been open for sampling -- a computer can get 10 page views a month before we ask you to cough up. This allows links to work for non-membahs. (This was part of the recasting of PG+ -- new look, more sports). Now people can read all the nice things we have said about you!:

    all best, John Allison

  2. @John - A 10 pageviews per month "sampling"? A pretty good idea actually, given the framework ... and it gives me a hypothetical excuse to post a Top 10 list towards the end of a month.

    Looks like one can't comment as a Free Sampler though -- or I would promote my return to the digital billboards beat to your wide audience, as well as this Friday's liveblog of chilling City Ethics Hearing Board action.

    Thanks for the mention. I'll have to go robe-shopping.

  3. Oh yeah, looks like I just got the 5 Pageviews Remaining nudge-nudge page. Y'know, $3.99 a month is really not that bad, especially if you can keep the cool Dennis Roddy scribblings and articles mentioning myself comin'.