Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday: Whistlestop *

As you know, POTUS is popping in to town today. And via Early Returns:

WHO: Grassroots Tea Partiers
WHAT: Sidewalk Protest of President Barack Hussein Obama
WHERE: 5000 Forbes Avenue outside the University Center
WHEN: 11:30 a.m.
WHY: Our President signs laws that have never been read, based on Keynesian principles that don't work, that the nation does not want that are weakening our economy and business environment and saddling us with debt that we will never be able to pay.

President Obama will be bouncing in and out of the region in less than three hours. (* UPDATE: image left h/t WTAE)
Ravenstahl will greet Obama and Specter as they step off Air Force One at Pittsburgh International, and the three will ride into the city together, said Ravenstahl's spokeswoman, Joanna Doven.

The mayor plans to make the most of his face time, discussing some of the city's transportation needs and highlighting economic strides Pittsburgh has made, Doven said. (Trib, Wereschagin)

For more on the President's recent string, see link.

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