Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Almost Time to Peruse Dowry Offers from Infrastructure Investment Consortiums! *

I'm going to be off-the-grid a titch whenever 4:00 and this evening rolls around, so use this space to discuss the results of the Great Parking Caper. I'm putting all my chits on "Best and Final Offer." (*-UPDATE: Yup, see Trib)

Officials have invited a judge to sit in on today's opening, saying that's a way to demonstrate "transparency" when the public is being kept out. (P-G, Joe Smydo)

I don't think "transparency" is quite the word they're looking for -- maybe something more like "assurance" or "peace of mind". It is after all virtually impossible bribe a judge.


  1. Maybe they could invite the two judges from the Scranton jailing-kids-for-profit case. Someone in the mayor's camp might know how to . . . reach them.

  2. You don't know for certain that they didn't just enjoy making children suffer.