Sunday, September 12, 2010

P-G: "Network" incl. Dodaro, Verbanac & Charles Zappala Good for Soaking Up Business

Charles Zappala declined to be interviewed, saying reporting on a network and its history "makes no sense to me." He asked for written questions, and the Post-Gazette posed 34 questions about his views on local governance, involvement in businesses that worked for public entities, appointments to public boards, participation in electoral politics, interactions with administrations, and business relationships with other network members. His attorney, Richard A. Sprague of Philadelphia, responded that the questions "go into personal matters" and that Mr. Zappala would not discuss personal matters. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Dodaro, Matta and especially Cambest were all over the Mongate stories, which means the Rishas appear, as they did somewhat at first, now pretty clearly "In-Network," such as it were.

Here it is, the non-DA version of The Network:


  1. If you check the state campaign website, Verbanic's most recent contribution was $4000 in June 2010 to the GOP's effort to take back the State House, led by Republican State Rep Mike Turzai from Butler county. These guys control both parties! Legend has it that Verbanic was the helicopter pilot for Turzai for this: (

  2. So now we know who recommended Richard Sprague to Mayor Luke to handle his messy divorce proceedings. Is Sprague still from Philadelphia if all of his clients are from the Pittsburgh "network?"