Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear BONY Mellon -

We must complement you. You have a lovely building there, with lovely and thoughtful signage. Not to mention the art.

You have a golden opportunity here:

Protesters have selected Mellon Green -- a Grant Street parklet located conveniently near One Mellon Center, and the US Steel/UPMC building -- as the site for their encampment. As a political statement, it's an ideal location: Grant Street is the heart of the city's political and corporate establishment. But the site is owned by Bank of New York Mellon itself.

And Mellon, ultimately, will decide whether the protesters are allowed to stay or not. (Pgh. City Paper Slag Heap, Chris Potter)

Because Bank of New York Mellon supports people trying to make their dreams come true -- and because you are enthusiastic about constitutionally enshrined values and civil discourse -- you can let these charming folks camp on your lawn for a few days at least. A week! As long as the demonstrators retain decorum of course.

And then, you can say, "Well, for goodness sakes, it's time we keep the place well taken-care of, mind the landscaping, and no longer unduly burden our neighbors! Sorry, out." By then, some of those demonstrators will desperately be missing a night at home sleeping.

Meanwhile, it's a beautiful postcard. The grove, the flowers, the fountain, the colorful people -- it would make a lovely picture. Moving picture, what have you. Lots of exposure.

Think about it.


UPDATE: And we have an accord! (Trib, Bill Vidonic)


  1. They say vinegar works against tear gas. Or olive oil, I forget. It was some part of salad dressing.

  2. In order to economize, I'm just bringing a bunch of packets of Hidden Valley Ranch mix.

  3. and what are the chances it will be as pristine after as it was before??

  4. You can't put dressing back into the pouch. You just can't.

  5. Maybe you should try to get them to South Oakland on homecoming night? The police that follow the protests are free to area homeowners.

  6. such a police station in oakland and yet people ask me why should the 4th ward by repaired thru council redistricting

  7. You do have a police station in Oakland, it's called the University of Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety--third largest law enforcement body in the county.

  8. anonymous @1243..get a grip simply because they have a couple motor cycles now doesn't make them, the City of Pittsburgh Police! The third largest employment district in the state a vital community that brings hundreds of million into the city annually thru the hospitals universities and local service providers should have a strong and visible city police's what i know when i have a problem in my neighborhood, no one calls the Pitt cops!!