Thursday, May 31, 2012

Public Housing and Public-Private Constables for Public Safety

As long as we're waiting...

"If it's borne out that there was overbilling, that's clearly something that has to be addressed and addressed quickly," said Mr. Lamb, whose office oversees the authority. (P-G, Rich Lord)

The accounting-for-our-chainsaws angle is of course very important, but are we not also dealing with a fundamental Separate but Equal issue? Is that embedded in some way within the possible legal snafu?


  1. It reminds me just a tiiiny bit of what the school district is doing with Clayton Academy.

  2. I heard that Paul McKrell from the Mayor's Office brought this one up since the ED of the HACP wouldn't go bikini shopping with him.

  3. Speaking of McKrell's beachwear, what's the mayor doing in Paris? At least he's sporting the black and gold!

    [scroll down in story for photos]