Thursday, January 16, 2014

Area Union: City Has Cash, Let's Get


Let's go back to taking financial advice from the Firefighters.

NOTE: When Act 47 spoke in 2012 about the possibility of dissolving, it was in the context of a Mayor long opposed to oversight looking like we'd keep him "on the job" and oversight bodies exhausted being jerked around by us.

Now we have a Mayor elected on the strength of a promise to ride Act 47 all the way to sustainable recovery by welcoming collaboration. That should address the sass central to the letter.


  1. Does anybody really think Corbett is going to be moved by the plea that public sector unions are not in a strong enough bargaining position?

  2. The reason the firefighters are upset is that Peduto is picking and choosing parts of Act 47. He doesn't like the oversight boards when they oppose his pension deal. He does like the oversight boards when he needs to negotiate with unions.

    Wonder if Peduto will feel the same way about Act 47 when he starts negotiating with his Public Works union members whose labor union gave $100,000 to his campaign?

    Speaking of those large campaign donations, is Mayor Peduto going to follow the campaign finance laws he bragged about creating now that he is mayor?

  3. bram, how comes no article on the terminal building vote? Looks like billy orchestrated a delay so that he didn't have to vote and could get designation voted down. Who will the preservationists turn to now?

  4. How about the nonsensical reasoning of Corey? Is he going to step up this year and find his voice?

  5. What did Corey say?

  6. Years ago as the OVERLORDS were arriving, I said that the mayor, city council, controller and associated staffs of each should have salaries cut in half. Meanwhile, half of the pay to the overlords should be held in escrow. Pay half of the held money when the OVERLORDS depart and the final quarter 2 years later if the city was really out of the red.

    There is no incentive to give the training wheels the boot.