Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quick Note: Be Fixing the Society

We join writer and super-spy Dan Simpson en toto:

What is to stop us from dealing with poverty, inequality and diminishing economic mobility? The French now tax companies at an effective rate of 75 percent on the part of salaries exceeding $1.36 million, including sports stars and coaches. Do that, then put the money into education.  (P-G, Dan Simpson)

The Comet would prefer to see that windfall split between education and other market preparation and public works. Yet the voguish counterpoint instead lies somewhere between no, forget it already, and hey, look at Mt. Lebanon.

We can only address that ridiculousness if we're seen fixing our schools in various ways.


  1. Awaiting your input on Yarone's landing (not to be confused with Donzi's Landing).

    1. Late this afternoon as part of something else. Short story: he'll do well at McKnight, he could help them do great things there, his presence there should obviate McKnight's own purposes to having a URA board seat. So there could be another one of those up for grabs, which is nice.