Friday, July 13, 2007

BREAKING: Gifts and Influence

From Rich Lord of the P-G:

The city o' Pittsburgh's Ethics Hearin' Rapscallions expressed deep concern today about Mayor Luke Ra'enstahl's attendance last month at an expensi'e charity golf e'ent as a sponsored guest o' the Uni'ersity o' Pittsburgh Medical Center, but stopped short o' declarin' in 'iolation o' the city Ethics Code. Aye.


"Arrr, it seems t' me that the mayor is certainly in 'iolation o' the codes in front o' us," said scalwags member Rabbi Danny Schiff. "It lea'es the public with the impression that thar is a gift bein' gi'en in order t' curry fa'or with the mayor." Aye.


Rabbi Schiff said the exception appears designed t' allow officials t' attend e'ents t' which the general public can easily gain access, rather than t' permit sponsorships t' high-dollar, exclusi'e e'ents.

"It certainly is hard t' a'oid the conclusion that he certainly has accepted somethin' o' monetary 'alue -- o' considerable monetary 'alue -- by which he can be influenced," said Rabbi Schiff. Such a gift could make him "beholden t' the king's men that ga'e access t' these celebrities and other public figures. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?"

In other Ethics Board news, the Redd Up Crew incident was formally declared a violation of the city Ethics Code -- but it remains unclear what the consequences will be. Most of the crew members returned to work before their full 5-day suspension were served.


  1. Bram,

    Clean up your typos or grow yourself some nine inch nails. "Strawberry" over at I Luv Luke tells us its the "Ethnics Board."

  2. Did somebuddy ask for the herring or did the ethnics board deside to hold it on there own?