Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mayoral Greatest Hits Vol. 1

To those Comet readers who are not full-on news hounds: if you click on one link today, make it this WTAE report by Bob Mayo. It reviews those rare and dramatic occasions on which a sitting Pittsburgh mayor has attended a session of council.

It is not just about Councilman Ravenstahl's outrage toward Mayor Murphy in 2004, for having failed to attend a hearing on the serious matter of a reduction in the parking tax -- nor even for Luke's awkwardly passive suggestion that Tom should have resigned. Although these are fun.

Rather, we were stunned by the spectacle of Mayor Masloff in 1989, facing down a packed council chamber of angry senior citizens, who were booing and jeering at her for having dared to lower the wage tax in favor of higher property taxes.

It was a very tough decision for me to make -- but one I knew I had to make, if the city is going to survive and grow.

We are not sure what was more impressive -- watching the Mayor run the gauntlet with her head held high, coming out seemingly stronger and on higher ground -- or Sophie's policy of progressive taxation, which she defended as vital for growth.


  1. How about some of the glasses on some of the folks in the crowd...wow

  2. We should get some of those same people back for an arm wresting match in council chambers. Sophie vs luke. Sophie would mop the floor with Luke's crybaby face.

    Just remember that Sophie was doing the heavy lifting when luke was in 6th grade. Luke's a kicker. He can run but he can't hide.