Monday, February 18, 2008

Design, City Streets and Shared Prosperity

Footage shot by
Chris Ivey on December 11, 2007 (THE BIG GAMBLE: Relevant Reference Part 1), at the first session of the City Planning commission hearing on the Penguins arena master plan. The hearing was continued on January 14, whereupon the master plan was approved.

0:05 - Rev. Foster, executive director, Central Outreach research and referral center
2:07 - Bomani Howze, vice-chair, One Hill CBA coalition
3:58 - Howze starts speaking about traffic design.
5:17 - Glen Grayson, pastor, Wesley Center AME Zion Church


Here is a portion of what Howze had to say regarding traffic design:

... There should be some type of consideration of how the street grids, and the mistake that was made 50 years ago, could be made right today. Right now, the street grids are blocked off from Crawford. There's an opportunity here to connect Wylie, Webster, and Bedford avenues in a better way, that allows the Hill District to have some shared prosperity.

The Comet was in attendance at the commission hearing on that day.

We cannot recall blogging even obliquely about any "street grid" in the Hill District until well into 2008, so it is entirely possible we picked this up from him.

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