Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday: Four Quick Items

Michael Lamb tells us things are moving along smartly in the Controller's Office, though there remains much to do. He says he has discovered some "exciting opportunities" in the area of collecting delinquent city taxes. (Go).

Carl Redwood informs us that yes, Councilwoman Payne is being supportive of One Hill. However, when asked about the community meetings she holds to inform her constituents and solicit input regarding arena development, Redwood said, "Oh, I think there's only been maybe one of those over the past six months." (Juxtapose)

Has Jeff Koch finally gotten himself DDT'd? Are we about to send him to the Isle of Dennis Regan? (Listen)

MODEST COMET PROPOSAL: Just send it (P-G, Joe Smydo) here! (CP, Chris Young)


  1. kraus has quite the flair for the dramatics.

  2. Koch will survive. He got hired by Ravenstahl in spite of Kraus. Kraus has no business doing the work of the mayor / administration. Kraus is there to write legislation and not supervise. Kraus is over-reaching. Meanwhile, I want crews to work and hustle in a snow storm when all hands are needed.

    I like the suggestion to Kraus of some other. It was said that Kraus should (on his own) put a snow plow on the front of his SUV. Then Kruas can do private contract work in his off time.

    Kraus is not a 3-1-1 operator.

    And, the other part of the callers to the show was not recorded. Kraus was saying that these are "MY STREETS."

    And Shirley got a call after the street was salted and Kraus asked -- "Did I take care of you?" Kraus is taking credit and pushing this onto these older female citizens.

    He sees no "white powder anywhere." He is saying that there was NO street salting in district 3. NOTHING. That's a flat out over-reach.

    The directors should NOT be calling back the members of city council members. They don't work for him. He is asking 'why?' ... Well, because there is an emergency.

    So, a street was plowed -- but there was NOT any streets done. Conflicting stories.

    Kraus is a divider.

    Not one street salted -- or plowed -- so said Kraus. But, this lady said that Koch plowed the street. Go figure the conflict of statements. Kraus is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

  3. Rauterkus: "Kraus has no business doing the work of the mayor / administration. Kraus is there to write legislation and not supervise."

    Oh come on. What is he supposed to do? Field calls all day from angry constituents, then send one e-mail to the mayor, dutifully avoid contact with the department and call it a day? He has to pick up on and act upon the outrage of the people who put him in office.

    I also don't see the conflict between not finding any salted streets himself, and having someone telephone you to inform you their street is now salted, thanks to a phone call to Koch.

    JW: Really. I've read similar comments on the Burgh Report. Good luck with that. Frankly, outside of Jim Malloy I've never heard anyone from the City sound better on-air. If I lived in D-3 I would be like, "That is my homeboy!" (unless it happens again the next snowfall).

  4. oh i didn't think he sounded like an idiot or anything, and i'm certainly not being harsh like mark is. i just think he has an over dramatic way about him. reading off a list of streets 2 times was just odd and redundant.

    i like kraus just fine, and voted for him in fact. i just think he's a bit of an actor.

    good luck with what anyway? that doesn't even make sense. and who else besides koch and ricciardi have you really been listening to 'on-air'. and since you're the expert on district 3 councilmen, what is better about kraus 'on-air' than ricciardi?

  5. Logic matters.

    Roles matter.

    Or, be like a chicken with its head cut off.

    Pittsburgh has suffered for too long with the same old same old, over-reaching, un-focused, sillyness.

    Don't say that none of the streets have been touched and in the same conversation get all hacked off that the plowing got done -- but by Koch.

    Kraus has no business doing the work of the administration. None. And, Kraus supported the administration too.

    Bram, oh come on yourself. Look at the double-talk and lack of logic.

  6. Alright, Mark, sorry for the "oh, come on." That was uncalled for. But I still don't understand what you wanted Kraus to do, and I still don't see how slipping from "this long long list of streets was undone" to "all the streets" were undone is somehow out of bounds.

    You ran against Kraus as well as Lamb, right? You do seem to reserve a special harshness against your old competitors, and sometimes we don't understand it.

  7. Understand LOGIC then understand my harshness.

    I run when there is a flaming problem and folly of the opposition.

    I also hold special harness against Tom Murphy too.

    Wayne Fontana as well.

    Oh, and let's not forget Michael Diven.

    = = =
    Kraus should NOT do things, like RANT against people in the city doing work. Kraus needs to do his job and NOT be the 3-1-1 operator. Wires get crossed -- and stay crossed -- when he over-reaches, over promises, over-reacts.

    Keep watching. And, keep thinking.

    I'll be the first to be impressed if Kraus does anything good. And, I'll say so.

  8. "The directors should NOT be calling back the members of city council members."

    Yes they should. No doubt about it.

    Kraus is a great councilman.