Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday: Political Everything!

And another thing:

The URA awarded William Penn control of the Downtown lot despite the fact that Kail's Parking offered to pay the agency $2,050 a month more. In the Strip District, William Penn won the contract with the high bid of $1,200 a month, then was allowed to lower the amount by $483 a month -- a move that an executive from runner-up Central Parking called "not standard procedure." (P-G, Rich Lord)

It's another Monday morning, right? When will we all learn?

The leases were awarded without a vote of the URA board, though the agency told bidders in writing that the board would make the decisions.

Sure, why not?

Mr. Gigliotti [of William Penn Parking] is best known in political circles as the valet for LeMont, where he is involved in handling political fund-raisers.

His wife, Linda Gigliotti, is the Pittsburgh police officer who coordinates other officers' off-duty, private details.

The URA The entire system of Authority-led governance is in crisis. That much we know now without having to resort to anything exotic.


414 Grant Street is done mincing words.
The Burgher discovers a straight-up contradiction in statements URA Acting Director Rob Stephany made about the McTish contract.


  1. So, are you with me yet in calling for the NUKING of all the authorities?

    They should be taken down brick by brick.

  2. I'm for conventional weaponry, and I"m for clear, build and hold. I haven't heard a good case for NUKING anything yet.

    If we were going to start NUKING things, my instinct would be to look at the SEA (Sports & Exhibition Authority), but I could be missing some things.

  3. Now investigate the URA dealings with in certain community d4velopmnt corporations (CDC's)....and surprises will jump out all over the place... new game CONNECT THE DOTS