Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday: Sui Generis

He's right, you know. You don't have to retry Cyril Wecht.

Our holding today that there is no constitutional bar to retrying Dr. Wecht does not stand for the proposition that he must be retried. That is a decision that rests with the Government. Indeed, Wecht’s prosecution is one that already has spanned more than thirty months. It has resulted in numerous appeals and emergency motions to this Court and, with the filing of this opinion, three lengthy precedential opinions. (Busman's Holiday)

We cannot and would not reduce it to "common sense" (P-G Edit Board), but there is honor in strategic withdrawal when it is done in support of one's overarching objectives.


"I think there needs to be greater oversight by the URA board," said Mr. Ferlo, D-Highland Park, a member of that board. "We should know: Who are the respective bidders? What are the amounts? Why is the staff choosing one over the other?" (P-G, Rich Lord)

Grrrr, staff!

Ferlo wants URA staff to identify bidders and their bids on meeting agendas; publicly list company names, contact information and principals of all contract winners; post contract proposals worth more than $100,000 on the URA's Web site a month before a formal vote happens; and set up a Web site listing the dollar amounts of firms' competitive contract offers. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

It would also be helpful to have a column on the website listing the political contributions of all contract winners, bidders and principals involved.


State tax officials have sided with Pittsburgh Controller Michael Lamb in a dispute with a Downtown property owner over taxes due on a June 3 building transfer, resulting in $1.66 million in revenue due to the city, state and Pittsburgh Public Schools, the controller announced yesterday. (P-G, Team Effort)

Bravo! And they asked, "Why would anyone run for Controller?" On to the next exciting task!


The conversation continues (Slag Heap). Click through to the old City Paper article that features an officer listening to G&R on an iPod during questioning from the formidable Citizens Police Review Board.


  1. I love the comment of linking the campaign contributors to the contract applicants. Setting up such an organization (even at tax payer expense) would save tax payer dollars.

  2. Speaking of links . . . I'd like for you all to check this out. Supposedly, there is a young Black man who is saying HE is the father of Bristol Palin's child and he's being kept away because he's Black; and, apparently, Bristol cheated on Levi this past Summer. I really don't know how true this is but since this is a first person account and he seemed rather respectful and sincere, I posted it: http://drgoddess.blogspot.com/

    Let me know what you think.