Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday: Treats

Okay, this is a little weird, but we'll go with it. Our fellow has a certain zen-like, tranquil intensity about him as well. (P-G, L.A. Johnson)

"He's a great, great coach and a great fit for Pittsburgh and we are going to the Super Bowl this year," she said. "We had one for the thumb and now we're going to be two-fisted."



As you know, the Ethics thing progresses. It may progress further today.


Whoa. Foreclosure. PNC Bank. The homeless. Allegheny County. Kevin Evanto. The URA. The Water Authority. Too much. (Trib, Wereschagin and Spatter)


So we have Consol Energy as a civic partner and meme. It is incumbent upon us green weenies to evaluate eventually how "progressive" an energy company (coal company?) Consol Energy is or is not, we suppose.

From a press release:

The second project is a first-of-a-kind, micro-turbine generator configured to use unprocessed coal mine methane gas directly from an underground source to generate electricity.

Don't worry about the first project.

"Our goal is to be a major stakeholder in such projects to ensure the environmentally sound and efficient use of coal, methane gas and alternative fuels," said Harvey.

Let's meet Harvey. The Google was surprisingly little help; he keeps a low profile. Maybe some Comet reader will volunteer to purchase one.


And you thought PittGirl's goodbye-page was spooky. (Story)


What has me wondering...... I have not seen any stories to suggest there is, but are there really no Pittsburgh connections here at all? That would be good, but it seems a bit improbable.


The URA, as should we all, has its eyes on that Obama money federal monies that are available or can likely be administered to us quickly.

Board members are expected to consider an agreement today that would provide up to $1.1 million in federal funds to install granite curbs, terrazzo sidewalks and new street lights and trees along Fifth Avenue between Wood Street and Liberty Avenue in the same block as the developments. (P-G, Mark Belko)

You want to spend some of that Obama money downtown? How about this: something sensible to be laid down upon the Mellon Arena acreage that would abate the disruptive traffic flow situation at Bigelow Boulevard and Sixth Ave., and reestablish the street grid.

That's a big job and surely far from shovel-ready, but we can start to plan it and engineer it now in advance of what surely will be a second wave of federal investment. These things always happen in twos. The space and the opportunity it would unleash for seedling development (and for several anchors) would be enormous -- this is a redevelopment plan that should always be ready to go.

Granite curbs? Terrazzo sidewalks? Why don't we just paint our faces, grow our fingernails to enormous lengths, and pierce everything?

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  1. re: Consol Energy and how progressive they are or arent-- last i heard, there was no such thing as clean coal.