Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Surprise: ARNET RESIGNS *

My first thought upon learning this news was, "HOLY CROMULAN CHEESE!"

Pittsburgh school board member Heather Arnet is resigning Tuesday. (P-G, Joe Smydo)

Arnet had served a bit less than half of one term. She cited a need to tend more closely to the Women and Girls Foundation, which she had just recently represented before City Council regarding the Pay Equity Study. One has to wonder whether having become a lightening-rod for criticism from others on the School Board to the point of what she had characterized as "slander" had anything to do with it as well.


Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will appoint Ms. Arnet's replacement, and that person will serve until December 2011, Ms. Colaizzi said. (ibid)

Hmm. Who lives in that district of the East End who might be suitable?

*-UPDATE: Colaizzi and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, through his spokeswoman, pledged to work together to pick a replacement. Ravenstahl does not have any particular candidates or qualities in mind, and wants an open application process, spokeswoman Joanna Doven said. (Trib, Tim Puko)


  1. Stephanie Tecza,Tony Ceoffe's campaign treasurer.She ran against Heather and lost.You know whatever Tony wants,Lukey gives to him.Look at Tony's sister went from Home Depot lawn and garden to a nice cushy job with the City.with some fancy title and does not know diddley about anything!

  2. Hmm that's a strong theory, Anon 9:52 -- and I just so happen to like Stephanie Tecza from what I remember through the Save Schenley days.

  3. what does tonys sister do?

  4. Not sure where this comment belongs, but
    this is a strong clip Mr. Reichbaum.

    Let's be reasonable. The people of the North Side are asking for a small investment in the community from Continental &Co. - an organization who has been handed valuable City land for pennies on the dollar. The right thing to do is to invest a small fraction of the money that should have gone to the city into the community.

    Bill Strickland,
    Jerome Jackson,
    Will Thompkins,
    Saleem Ghubril

  5. Pittsburgh Public Schools would have a great replacement and new member of the board if Stephanie Tecza got that appointment. She is the one that folks should buck for, IMNSHO.

  6. Truth,

    I agree, a very powerful statement.

    They that received valuable land for pennies on a dollar and should give something back to the community...

    My question is thus: 'Are we not all residents of the City of Pittsburgh?’ Taxpayers from South Hills deserve as much consideration as anyone else when it comes to handouts...reimbursements.

    Why not open some of the closed swimming polls and recreation centers ‘City-wide‘?

  7. Truth:

    The Link you provided for Bill priceless!

    So very Powerful...Beautiful.

    He remembers school in same way as I do...



  8. P-G City Walkabout posted a nice write-up about the bus tour: LINK.

    More on that is forthcoming of course. More Comet youtubeage can be found HERE. Thanks for providing more background Truthie.

  9. Regardless of the why of the resignation, whether it be for professional reasons or whether it be in order to send a child to a non PPS school outside of the city limits, what needs to be considered is that a major portion of the district is not being represented. If, in fact, a new board member is appointed by the mayor- who will the mayor turn to in order to choose that member? Will it be the superintendent, with whom he has partnered for the Pittsburgh Promise? After having not served even 1/2 of the tenure, there needs to be a newly elected individual who truly represents the people who are voting, not only the district at large. The last 2 board members were very concerned with the district at large- as they should have been- but also at the expense of their electorate. I think that Mrs. Colaizzi should reread the process of replacing board members or make sure that she is getting correct legal advice. It may not be the mayor who gets to do the appointing.