Saturday, June 27, 2009

So You Know...

As I commented over at the H Spot, I don't believe this means he still doesn't have five votes to do things The Bill Peduto Way forever and ever amen ... it means they (the Council) still don't have five votes to pass a Recovery plan on Tuesday, period. Tuesday is the last day to get a plan done the "normal", unadventurous way.

By my math Having a Plan On Tuesday is losing as of last reportage by a 1-3 margin. That leaves five votes which are hypothetically amenable to vote for a Plan regardless of the several outstanding hangups about it, and one of those is the Finance Chair.

However the Finance Chair is the one most likely to be swayed by the three differing and unique arguments (Payne, Dowd, Shields) arising from the three known no votes. And the Finance Chair is also the one most likely to have a shot at persuading several out of the final four to go along with him. ^

CONCLUSION: I think a whole lot depends on the Coordinators' actions on Tuesday, if there are any. Pittsburgh could get served a real wake-up call.

^-RECONSIDERATION: That is, unless Bruce Kraus was serious and has already made up his mind about voting for something without all contained in the Council's originally introduced packet of amendments. Then it's more like 1-4 already.


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