Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Opening Swipe

"This is the perfect opportunity for Barden, the Penguins, the city, the county and the state to partner together," Peduto said. "It's a great way to keep the team in Pittsburgh, redevelop the Hill, get Barden more involved in the community, and lessen the impact on taxpayers."

"I'm saying scrap Plan B and create Plan C."

Quote courtesy of Mark Belko of the P-G, who thereby gets to ring the bell in the upcoming mayoral race, or at least gets to strut around the ring in a bikini, bearing a "Round 1" sign.

It is unclear whether Peduto's Plan C is different enough from Plan B to merit a new initial. And it is unclear how Ravenstonorato will react to this, as they are in the midst of high-stakes negotiations.

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  1. I ranted about Plan C in City Council Chambers today. My ideas, to sustain the conversation, are on my blog. Blogspot is out just now however.

    - - -

    I agree with you. I don't think Plan C is enough of a step away from Plan B to insure long-term sustainable NHL hockey in Western PA. We need the team to have roots into the bedrock of the region.

    And, planting in Pittsburgh should NOT be on the lower Hill District.

    Some of the mix from Peduto is right on. Barden's money. Hill Development (without Pens). New profits. More development.

    But this needs to be done in an area where space is cheap. This needs to be where investment makes sense and a real upside can occur.

    For the good of the Pens and the region -- we need to go to Plan D -- so that the Pens get more profits but the new venue is by the airport (or elsewhere within Allegheny County). The Hill isn't right.

    And, Barden's money can be used to obtain Mario's properties he already secured -- but are in the wrong places.