Friday, February 23, 2007

Catherine Baker Knoll: Not Jack Bauer

We posted a comment to this item over in Pittgirl's domain, but it is so outrageous, we just had to blog about it ourselves.

Pittgirl gets playful with the whereabouts of Gov. Rendell and Lt. Gov. Knoll during the Blizzard of Interstate Shutdown. She links to an article by Brad Bumsted of the Trib. That article says:

Knoll was in Harrisburg on Feb. 14, according to her aide, Sal Sirabella. "The lieutenant governor is not involved in incident command and control," he said.

Hello. Not involved in incident command and control. So if something ... occurs ... arises ... pops up ... do not look to this elected official to take any initiative.

The Comet has no expertise in Pennsylvania constitutional law. But if the Governor were to pass away (heaven forbid), the Lieutenant Governor would take over, right? And if there's an emergency, and the Governor cannot be found ... the Lieutenant Governor would be in the hot seat? Correct? Even if it involves an incident?

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  1. What is really disturbing, is that the Lt. Gov. is in charge of PEMA. I realize that for the most part the LG is just a ceremonial post (especially with CBK asleep at the helm) but when there is an emergency she heads the agency supposed to lead the response. I'm not sure what the threshhold is for "emergency" but I'm pretty sure 50 miles worth of stranded motorists in single digit temperatures SHOULD qualify.