Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Rauterkus Post

It does not seem to be linkable. It is now about a dozen posts down. It ends with this:

Back then, Luke Ravenstahl may or may not have been on the Stadium and Exhibition Authority Board. Did that board have any hand in the cover up?

A question for you, Mark: Why not run for just one thing? Focus all your energy and maybe win?

Besides: what would we do if you won three or more offices? You'd have to pick one, we'd have to hold all these special elections, the cost to the taxpayer would be enomrous ....


  1. George Patton said, "We'll burn that bridge when we get to it."

    I have a keen sense when it comes to forecasting. But, some things are harder to get a handle upon.

    For example, I'm not sure who is going to win the D primary for city council between Jeff Koch and challenger, Bruce Kraus. My reactions for November's ballot depends on the landscape come July.

    So, my first reply to your question is -- there is plenty of time.

    And, my second reply: Can you join me? Is there an office you'd like to run for -- or even -- stand for?

    If I can make strides to get onto the ballot, again, but this time for six slots -- then you (and others) -- can toss your hat into the ring as well.

    Case in point: I'd love to see someone run against Onorato in the Dem primary. Why not you. But, you'll have to do a lot of petition work in the hours ahead.

    Tip: Hit a few fish fries --- and you'll get a lot of signatures.

  2. part 2 --

    State Senator, Sean Logan, D, of Monroeville, said on the radio that he was on the board and he was NOT informed of the prior break.

    Humm.... It is just what I heard.

    Did he skip a meeting? Are the meeting minutes available.

    I've been to SEA Board Meetings. I've testified too. They are a joke. I'm sure that many Girl Scouts meetings are run better and with more "care" into the matters at hand.

    The term, 'rubber stamp', fits.