Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Karaoke for the "Meet the Press" Set

We haven't found much to blog over today, but here's a doozy: the special guests for CIVIC DUTY are good to go.

John Fetterman: Mayor of Braddock, PA

Nish Zuvarnaker: Pittsburgh League of Young Voters

Deborah M. Todd: The New Pittsburgh Courier

(Debbie will be doing a practice run for Civic Duty, by appearing on WQED's Off-Q program, next Friday the 16th.)

We will also have a 4th panel chair reserved for lucky / awesome audience members. I will be facilitating questions from the audience, hopefully more in the style of Phil Donahue, rather than Jerry Springer.

We will be discussing public transit, race relations, economic development, public safety, state tax increases -- and whatever's in the news at the time. If we feel ambitious, we may even get into the War on Terror and the such. DIVERSE VIEWS ARE ENCOURAGED.

The incomparable DJ Carazmatic will be spinning tunes to break up all the heavy talking. Catch him on 92.1 WPTS, every Thursday from 7 to 9.

That's the premier of CIVIC DUTY, at the Shadow Lounge in East Liberty. Sunday, February 25th, at 9 o'clock.

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