Friday, February 9, 2007

Myron Cope Notwithstanding...

Another week has come and gone, and still no breakthrough on a new arena.

With each passing day, Mellon Arena grows more and more beautiful.

In the Hill District, as the sins of its construction recede into history, there is growing apprehension for the sins of its replacement.

We remember a troupe of Toronto Maple Leafs fanatics spilling out of a bar on Seventh Street, enjoying their third trip to Pittsburgh this year. They volunteered to us what an awesome city we had, and that we have the best remaining hockey venue on the continent. Of course, they were Canadians, and drunk, and therefore romantics. But still.

We ask again -- is there really no way to cram some superboxes in that thing? Open off the roof and build another level? How hard could it be? Use that same Barden money. Use that same Rendell money. Put the CMU architects on the case.

Take some time to think it over. One more year! One more year! One more year!


  1. It is dung. It is more decrepit than Joan Rivers -- with the difference being, she's easier to fix with plastic surgery.

    This isn't the usual sports-team-whining for more cash type thing. There's some of that, sure. But it is also just ancient and unworkable. I think there are actually size issues, whereby certain big concerts/shows can't go there b/c the bowels of the arena and backstage areas aren't large enough for the sets, etc.

  2. The Civic Arena should be saved.

    I'd not put corporate boxes in there. Rather give the Pens 10 games a year to play elsewhere. If they had fans in two cities, full-time, Pittsburgh and the team would win many new income streams.

    Demand goes up. Supply goes down. Pens profit more. Pittsburgh benefits.

    But, the slow down in the talks is sure to hurt, as is the broken floor at the Convention Center.

    So, we could build the new arena right in the space of the defective convention center.