Thursday, March 1, 2007

Bill Peduto's Blog: Sucks

Councilman Bill Peduto is the first major party mayoral candidate to have launched a weblog in a while. (Rauterkus & Carmine both had blogs as Republicans in 2001).

However, Team Peduto posted no new content since its initial post, two weeks ago. Comments to that first post have been awaiting publication for at least five days. By any reasonable, commonly used standard for evaluating blogs, the Bill Peduto campaign blog sucks hard.

Even Jim Motznik managed to post twice. [Notznik]

In response to a call for pro-Ravenstahl blogs, P-G politics editor James O'Toole was made aware of a site called Pittsburgh Jack's Place. That site has not posted new content in almost three weeks; but it was a pretty consistent contributor prior to that point. So Bill Peduto sucks even worse than Pittsburgh Jack.


  1. Isn't "Pittburgh Jack's Place" what they renamed that block of Northumberland near where that kid who died in the freak accident at Allderdice in 1992(?) used to live?

  2. FWIW, and it aint much, Peduto's isn't the first blog from a mayor's race candidate.

    I blogged back in 2001 when, like Bill in 2005, I was in a mayor's race primary.

    I would love to have you correct that bit of miss information.

    You don't need to say that I was first. But, don't say Peduto was. Thanks.

  3. Cry me a river.

  4. Thanks for touching up the text -- twice!

  5. I would think that Team Peduto have more important things to do right now than blog. That is not to say that blogging is not important- but after losing the Dem. Cmt. Endorsement they have to run this campaign in 5th gear the entire way through May 15th.

    I could blog for them if that would make you feel better.


    Actually, I'm not sure that they would allow me to do that.