Friday, March 2, 2007

Happy Committeeing!

What an odd bird is Pittsburgh. What seems to be at stake: a center-right government (with great sympathy for certain unions), or else a center-left government (that is hawkish on the budget).

We also have a gulf of sorts between the activist and passivist Controllers.

We have a gut-check for the District 9 seat.

We have black communities, in District 9 and elsewhere, that have no use at all for any mayoral candidate. In some cities, the candidates might just agree not to go there, and go fight in out in the heights. In this city and state, race issues drag us all down in a way that does, we guarantee you, get reflected in our bond rating. Also, it's a close race.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Danmmit! I usually am one of the faithful freezing their butts off outside gathering signitures or passing out campaign lit.

    Still too sick to go today.