Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pittsburgh's Bourbon Street

WPXI reports that South Side residents gathered at a "town meeting" with Mayor Ravenstahl yesterday, to demand a limit to the number of bar licenses in their area.

Councilman Doug Shields is working on a solution, together with fellow Councilman Jeffery Koch, and some other notables.

We can not tell a lie; we do not fully comprehend the councilman's proposal.

We were still in shock at how very, very different Doug Shields is on the auditorium floor, rather than on stage. We encourage the Councilman to stand out from the pack of controller candidates, by dropping a few of those F-bombs straight from the podium.

Anyway, we believe his plan would adjust the zoning ordinances, in such a way as to limit, or possibly eliminate, Local Neighborhood Commercial zones (LNCs). There are way too f*ckin many LNCs. By levelling the playing field in terms of tavern-attractiveness across Pittsburgh, this is supposed to address the concerns of fed-up South Siders -- without capping bar licenses. It would also allow for a wider spectrum of development.

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  1. I was there. The residents gave a resounding presentation. They hit a grand slam.

    But, I'm not sure about your posting. Not clear how to respond so as to sustain the discussion.

    The main messages that I wanted to be delivered -- and these were -- included:

    - SIDE STREETS need MORE attention.
    - ENFORCEMENT needs to occur.