Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, Monday

The P-G's Joe Smydo finally breaks down the big fight for District 2 School Board in a way we can understand.

Heather Arnet is a strong supporter of Superintendent Roosevelt, and has the backing of Patrick Dowd, the departing incumbent. Stephanie Tezca is more ambivalent about Roosevelt's heavy-handed reforms, especially as they impact special-needs children. Although Tezca had originally pledged to respect Dr. Dowd's choice for a successor, we suppose things change.

On a separate page, the P-G editorial board endorses Arnet, not seemingly on those issues, but because she is a "bright, young professional" that is "brimming over with ideas."


The TRIB's Jason Cato examines the House Judiciary Committee's interest in speaking with local U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan. We weren't expecting this:

Her office has opened at least five investigations into prominent Democrats over the past five years. Critics say she has ignored allegations against fellow Republicans during that time.

Editorial Aside: The Comet reserves judgement until some of these critics come forth to make a case. (UPDATE: Their name might be "Arlen," h/t Early Returns).

So far it would appear that Ms. Buchanan is only guilty of identifying strongly with the avowed priorities of the Bush administration. Of course if the Congress feels a need to question her, we hope she acquits herself better than Attorney General Gonzales. Here we go, Pittsburgh.


You all must hear the podcast and read the post on the Ethics Board beat from the Busman. The upshot:

All three are very circumspect in their answers. They emphasize what they see as the educational and service role of the Pittsburgh Ethics Hearing Board.

He reports. We'll decide.


  1. I know youth and ideas are supposedly all in vogue...but there's something to be said of experience. People based Bob O'Connor's campaign because of his age and 'old school' and look at what he did!! I like Stephanie over Heather in the school board race, but I guess that's just me. But, she has a special needs child, and Heather? Knows what about raising kids??

  2. You know, it’s not clear to me exactly how to evaluate this race. Both women seem committed to working hard. Tezca seems more narrowly focused, but that isn’t automatically a bad thing. In a way, there is a sense that the district can’t lose, no matter how the vote goes. Though I doubt the loser will see it that way.

  3. Heather has a child so she knows as much as Stephanie in that sense. And as director of the Women and Girls Foundation she has a great deal of experience in working with young people/students. The Girlcott she helped some young women stage was brilliant. I for one am supporting her bacause I think she has a proven track record of supporting the interest of Pittsburgh's young population well beyond her own family. I really do like Stephanie Tezca and hope to see more of her but I don't think that supporting Heather Arnet is a shallow, uninformed decision--as some seem to have implied.

  4. Justin you're right - there is something to be said for experience. Arnet has over 10 years experience working in business development, fundraising, and fiscal management in both the non-profit and private sectors. She says she plans to put those skills to use helping the district raise money for the Pittsburgh Promise and manage taxpayer dollars responsibly. Tecza by her own admission has never seen a financial statement. The school board's annual budget is $525 million. You're right Justin - it will take more then youthful enthusiasm to be a good board member. Luckily Arnet has financial experience, prior board service, and youth on her side. She was recognized as a business leader and community leader by local and national orgs, and local newspapers and mags, years before she decided to run for school board. She will bring new ideas AND experience to the school board.