Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Review: Big Momma's House of Soul

Big Momma's House of Soul is a new take-out restaurant near the corner of Penn Avenue and 16th Street. You go now. They put shrimp in the cornbread.

The sweet potato pie is made fresh every morning, as is the apple cobbler. Both made us weak in the knees.

The grilled chicken sandwich is just a big honking cutlet of chicken, with a thick slather of extremely zesty barbecue sauce, slapped between two buns. The side-order of collard greens made it all good for us.

The prices are right in the zone. The decor is tasteful / adorable, although a little seating would be nice.

UPDATE 4/10/08: What are we saying? When the weather is nice, the empty lot next door converts into the a picnic area, replete with giant outdoor grill. WHY HAVEN'T YOU VISITED YET?

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  1. I had a fish sandwich down there during the summer and it was probaly the best fish sandwich i had in years. have been talking about it since i think its the standard for good food in pittsburgh