Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Now It's Time For An Update

Ah, the joys of editing the blogroll! The Comet welcomes the Pissed Gazette [no relation] whose editor is the winner of the movie-poster contest. We eagerly await her submission.

Cognitive Dissonance has been long overdue. Also, good old Skip.

To make room, the Comet bids a fond farewell to Tunesmith & Anthony. Fans know how to reach them through PittGirl.

We welcome the Steel City Stonewall Democrats to our expanded Resources section. Since the Man still kind of sucks at blogging, much of the contents have been collapsed therein.

Speaking of Resources, have you ever checked out those City Paper Gyrobases? One click brings up a list of everything going on in the city tonight. Any night. Now that's a service we're happy to pirate!

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