Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Look At D9

Rich Lord of the P-G delves into the District 9 council race today. Money quote, care of Leah Kirkland:

You have a community that just looks like it's in so much disarray that it's kind of a turnoff.

That's pretty much been the consensus, unfortunately. At times it can be uncomfortably like reading this guy: LINK.

Most of the candidates get a plug in, except Twanda Carlisle, who continues not to respond to media inquiries.

Buried way down low, Lord condescends to report on the anonymous negative e-mail campaign being waged against Ricky Burgess, and on the substance of its claims.

Shadowy anti-Burgess activity is not limited to the internet, we would like to add. Ricky Burgess for City Council yard signs have recently gone missing -- wait for it, wait for it -- from the home of Burgess's own deputy campaign manager.


  1. With managerial experience and a political science degree from Slippery Rock University, Ms. Kirkland presents herself as a business-savvy choice.

    Leah Kirkland, reported raising $5,440 and holding $425, but also reported getting $3,993 in supplies, materials and clothing from her mother, 12th Ward Democratic Committee Chair Jacqueline Fielder.

    Is it savvy buisness that Leah's mom is financing her daughters campaign or is it against ACDC rules for a ward chair to be suporting a non endorsed candidate.

    Mom's and daughter's and politics... what an unethical combination.

  2. Is it against ACDC rules for ward-chair mom to be supporting non-endorsed daughter?

    What's the penalty? Public stoning?

  3. Removal from her seat on the committee.

    Those guidelines are rarely ever followed.

  4. Hey Leah,

    No one said anything about your Ward Chair-mom financing your campaign, except you......

    What parent wouldn't -- if they could......

    But you bringing it up as a defense would lead one to believe that you think the act needs a defense, which tells me it probably does.........

    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Captain BarbossaMay 9, 2007 at 6:10 AM

    "The Pirate Code is really more what you might call 'guidelines' rather than actual rules."